This Year

Welcome to Daffblog!

Yes this is my first post as a Daffblogger. Reasons being I was busy blogging for others and so on (the excuses can go on).

Here is what I remember and something which I feel you should know,that human species is opaque ,irritating and insensitive . That said; I easily get me heart broken.

To overcome my dark moments I frosted them with the blessings of Ramadhan and further I have a book recommendation for those interested in Mughal History, Persia ( and yes my ancestors are from Persia. So it’s now on my travel to list). Moving on from my personal details,the book is by an Indian author Indu Sundaresan ; the “Taj Trilogy”, and I just read “Feast of Roses”. Apart from getting fictionalised insights into the Mughals ,we see a female warrior ,an empresses who ruled and influenced the course of Mughal history, Empress Nur Jahan,a female hero from the Mughal Court .


I would soon write a book review and my admiration for Nur Jahan.