The Pashmina
Come let us make some small talk
Then end up kissing
Does it matter if we know each other,
Oh yes ,maybe to you
You obviously do not expect me to call back
Do you?
Well yes,stay away from me; I am obviously intimidating
Moreover I can walk on you,
I have things to do,things to write,go places,buy pashmina
Which you know is soft ,because ,you know why
Cannot explain all the erotic stuff to your peanut size brain and something else
You know people like singers and dance to their tunes,the piano ,the guitar
The music,of love and passion and all the ugly stuff
I want you to feel miserable ,I do not need what Freud thought women miss
Go rub your phallic symbol in your face
About pashmina ,buy yourself one , you will need it when I throw you to the land of icicles
Move away from the window, I need to take a drag and blow it your face
I want you to feel miserable
Hey close that door after you!
Before you kill yourself
And it is soft right?
The Pashmina


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