12912437_111446102589309_500483636_nYes,girls exist on this earth,rather co-exist with men,plants, and animals,and whatever you think grows on this planet;and their issues are as real as studying a plant’s mitochondria or global warming,and the love people hold for glaciers.
One of the things that top the taboo list is the menstrual cycle. We all know what it is;and if you are a guy reading this,go watch the lovely people of Buzz Feed and they will explain it to you. So,when we all acknowledge that this is something real,so why do we hide it!

I am not going to criticise our society or go on into the stigmas that it associate with it .

Anyhow , this article is for fellow shredders (if you know what I mean).
We have evolved and so has our technique of blocking the blood flow every month (my iPhone has saved it as Niagara falls;now you know what I call it)! We have evolved from sanitary pads to tampons and the cup.

I believe I wanted to share this with the fellow shredders or the new ones, what I think someone should have told me before I got my period or the first time I used a tampon.
If thrashing your kids about their grades is important,so is the part where you tell and discuss menstrual cycle,and the crap that comes with it,sex and hormones ,and so on. All these things are really important ,so that kids make the right decisions, that they are aware of what exactly is sexual harassment ,and why are they shredders,and how to stay away from STD’s.
Yes, take my advice when your kids are shocked and depressed,dying from Syphilis.

Without delay here is my list of what I should have been told before I got my period and before I used a tampon:

  • That it is okay not to use a plastic applicator.
  • That if you use a tampon instead of a pad ,you would not really have bad cramps ( yes that is true)!
  • That you should not hide your tampon in your sleeves,there is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • That borrowing a pad/tampon is the universal signifier of sisterhood ( made that up)!
  • That you do not have to freak out if you stain your clothes.
  • That you will be judged if you ask for tampons at your local grocery store.

Here is what I learnt on my own and for all for the fellow shredders:

  • That exercising helps you relieve cramps (unless you decide to leak and some person at your gym decides to tell you that you are leaking while you have your legs in the air; do not run away! It is all normal,happens to all).
  • That you do not care what the guy at the local grocery store thinks,you just want what you came for!
  • That tampons are perfectly safe and easy to use,less harm for the environment too,and you save money!
  • That your plans should not revolve around your period date . Do whatever you want to;of hiking on your second day. Big deal!
  • That Toxic Shock Syndrome is a real thing.
  • Discuss your issues,with your friends without being ashamed of anything . It is high time girl you break the patriarchal chains.
    Do whatever you want;lie like a log,jog or work. Menstruation ,tampons should no longer be a taboo in any society . Feel empowered and feel free to ask questions ;because that is an essential part of growing up!



Steps to those moments

It is considered a good thing when the progression of the mind towards happy things is caused by really small things. It could be a butterfly ,a breeze,smell of cinnamon ,smell of daffodils,new nail enamel,a new hair cut ,a phone call from parents,from friends ,appreciation of work from someone you do not really know,a smile from anyone !

I just gave you my list .

The thing is that in this harsh depressing world,the mortal beings keep searching and waiting for “big” things. So,what are those big things; maybe a great job,getting accepted into a great college ,your dream car,the trip you have been waiting for ,the bag you have been eyeing ,the house. Yes, please add whatever you want ,all these things maybe the way to happiness,but they are not. They give you anxiety ,working hard for something is okay ,and when you get it ,even better. But,placing the key to your happiness in those accounts,it is the worst mistake we all tend to make. All of these are materialistic events,the idea of possession comes along with it which was fostered by capitalist economy . It used to be “work hard and fulfil your desire of getting better at it”. Now it has turned to “to attain what you desire you might want to get into the capitalist race and work hard for all you might,but heart desires what it does”.
Now that you are the part of sad Capitalist economy,so what are your options really ?
Maybe you can start by working on what gives you peace ,and again join the prisons of capitalism but on your own terms. Then maybe you can use your monetary funds to survive,but would still know what happiness is ;in small moments ,your family,nature. I am not romanticising the idea of happiness by including “rays of sun” and the “pretty sunsets”. But,whatever makes you happy ,your coffee,your girl’s smile ,kiss from your partner ,travelling ,learning stuff ,decorating and creating things . Something which for the time being ,for a fraction of your day is not related to your money,which does not give you a nervous breakdown . For we will all end up in the soil we came from,with no material possessions,but memories of our moments ,our loved ones ;some stranger’s blessings,that feeling of ecstasy when you did something great ,but for someone else ;the laugh you shared ,the cry you had ;the prayer ;love for your creator ;love for the life he gave you to be grateful and happy for .

love and happiness

The Pashmina

Come let us make some small talk
Then end up kissing
Does it matter if we know each other,
Oh yes ,maybe to you
You obviously do not expect me to call back
Do you?
Well yes,stay away from me; I am obviously intimidating
Moreover, I can walk on you,
I have things to do,things to write,go places,buy pashmina
Which you know is soft ,because ,you know why
Cannot explain all the erotic strands to your hay brain and something else
You know people like singers and dance to their tunes,the piano ,the guitar
The music,of love and passion and all the ugly stuff
I want you to feel miserable ,I do not need what Freud thought women miss
Go rub your phallic symbol in your face
About pashmina ,buy yourself one , you will need it when I throw you to the land of icicles
Move away from the window, I need to take a drag and blow it your face
I want you to feel miserable
Hey, close that door after you!
Before you kill yourself
And it is soft, right?
The Pashmina

For you!

As I decide to clean my inbox and simultaneously listen to ‘Don’t even try’. I see some messages which made me feel weird, messages from old friends, actually lost friends.
So why do we kill friends and the ship sinks? Well, let me remember when I did that:
When we had different interests
When he/she did not make me feel good anymore
When I stop trying and it became clear I was the one pushing for it

Friendships are not like your normal relationships. It is not like dumping a girl or a guy. It is about the hard fact that everything has an expiry date, that friends are maybe stepping stones to something which help you know more about the human behaviour and make you feel prepared to face the world alone, and be comfortable with not sharing your grave with anyone.

No, I am not mad. I tried watching some seasons of “How I met your mother” and I hate it!
I can sit and watch some realistic tele, maybe “Modern family” for million years. But, no Barney nonsense can I tolerate. Gave me a headache.

Back to my inbox, to all those I am not in touch with anymore
(all means I remember you all ):

Dear who I am not in with touch anymore and do not hate,

We were really good friends, but then things got weird between us. Maybe we ran out things to talk about (to my message buddy),maybe we had nothing to share (to my school friend,my best friend),to my we got back together friend (even though we are okay now, we are two very different people now), to my irritating school friend (I really wanted to get back and tried but your are the same weirdo, sweetheart).


me (who has changed and evolved into someone who does not share her ‘I need-to-brag-adventures’
But apart from the above letter, there is a positive side to it too; that is you can try. I did, tried a brunch date with an old friend, whom I had fallen out with. I did this recently and it worked, seem like we both have changed for good and can discuss things, enjoy food, and talk about our insecurities. Now that is something we should try if you really liked that person, just give them a message. Won’t kill you. I may or may not work. But, give it a shot!
The above story is just for you to get a motivated to track back or let go off your friends (does not work for romantic relationships ) Yes I am smiling now! Hah!

Caution Icarus

Caution Icarus


Caution-This post has informal, lucid and inappropriate language.

The fact remains that for human life to exist you need to socialise;to drink coffee and date (according to some). I clearly do not agree with the last one. Why is it so important; it is irritating to begin with,the idea of it. Plus in the normal crude way “I do not give a shit”.
Then again yes I believe you are capable as a human being of loving people

; then why not just get hitched or live in; or whatever nonsense you believe in. Just do not go around (doing stuff). You might just get syphilis. The idea of far from getting frustrated over relationships,over an insensitive partner.
Why is it so hard for people to stay calm and either enjoy their relationships or stay single and not just lie in-between,dangling (weird- word-usage) . Why do you have to get dark circles and have endless discussions. I believe “just put a ring on it” or die! perish!

You must have read about Icarus,whose father Daedalus makes him wing out of feathers and wax and warns him not to fly too close to the Sun or the Sea; and then we know what happens. But,interestingly two poets W.H Auden in Musee des Beaux Arts and William Carlos Williams in Landscape with Fall of Icarus , use Ekphrasis (poems responding to visual artefacts) ,so these two poets hang out ,have coffee and discuss “Lets use Bruegel’s ‘Landscape with the Fall of Icarus’,in which Bruegel is ruining Icarus’s moment of attention, let us do the same with our words what Bruegel did with his brush”. The plan was perfect and they did execute it particularly different styles. According to my skills of deconstruction, they got really pissed off with Icarus trying to obsess and ignore his father’s advice. Why was it so hard for Icarus to stay calm with his wings and not unite with the burning Sun or the lonely Ocean, why could not he be happy with his situation. The fact is like Icarus,we devils want to “unite” (pun intended) or cry about being “alone”,we just cannot stay happy or stable ,we tend to possess those free electrons which kill us (read-not me) into dating or doing crappy stuff. Hello! only if Icarus had this sense of flying in the calm air of stability,where he could consider either going to the Sun or landing on the brown soil;would have saved him from the ocean at least .
Now, what do you mean?

Well, search for stability and peace, do not kill yourself. If you are happy with the one. High Five.
If you are searching- stay calm and patient and if you feel terrible -do not rush into things like Icarus did;that only results in stomach ulcers and tears.

The idea is to love the Sun, love soil and stay away from the Ocean.

So, Shake It Off!
(great! too many metaphors)
The above writing was a result of a conversation with a friend -who is currently in the ocean.

This Year

Welcome to Daffblog!

Yes this is my first post as a Daffblogger. Reasons being I was busy blogging for others and so on (the excuses can go on).

Here is what I remember and something which I feel you should know,that human species is opaque ,irritating and insensitive . That said; I easily get me heart broken.

To overcome my dark moments I frosted them with the blessings of Ramadhan and further I have a book recommendation for those interested in Mughal History, Persia ( and yes my ancestors are from Persia. So it’s now on my travel to list). Moving on from my personal details,the book is by an Indian author Indu Sundaresan ; the “Taj Trilogy”, and I just read “Feast of Roses”. Apart from getting fictionalised insights into the Mughals ,we see a female warrior ,an empresses who ruled and influenced the course of Mughal history, Empress Nur Jahan,a female hero from the Mughal Court .


I would soon write a book review and my admiration for Nur Jahan.