Koor Things


Kashmiri word for girl is “koor”.

Usually, in my blog I do not deal with gender-specific issues;which means discussing the usual patriarchal norms,and abiding by the gender specific binaries of male and female. I am a feminist and acknowledge the fact that women are governed by and treated as Luce Irigray would have said “goods” by the overarching male presence.

But,the trend is changing ,which makes it imperative that I become a part of it .
The control of men over the female presence,their bodies,and the space they occupy is all under the umbrella of female subjugation . Feminists are tracing ways to give women agency and empower them.
This is true on a larger scale as well as on a minor scale.
We wrap many issues under the table for the fear of the voyeuristic male gaze. Issues need to be discussed in the and the stigma attached to a female body and what it goes through should be abolished .
What I mean is the voyeurs should stop objectifying the female body ,writing filthy articles about the female body and treating it as an object and something that can be consumed .
It is the time that women should be provided agency to talk freely about what they feel ; there should not be any tags associated with the female menstrual cycle. What is natural,should stay natural.
An essential part of being a feminist is that you feel free to discuss issues that women face, you feel free to discuss period related taboos.
The society needs to move beyond the ‘the size concept’, whether it is your bra size or your waist size. It should not matter as long as your neurone is of the right size.