Eating Dis ! Orders


The post is a prompt response .




We might all know what eating disorders are, or at least know that they exist.

What is important is how you treat the person who is suffering from one, or just accepting that you are suffering from one.


It is a person’s indifferent attitude towards food, or eating, or swallowing.


It might be linked to the body image issues the world is facing, but it might also be a result of anxiety, or some sort of depression.

What you have taken in, is exactly how you are going to feel about yourself. Which is why eating disorders dominate people’s lives socially, emotionally, and psychologically.

Depending on what type of eating disorder you have, it will affect the way you look at food.

It might seem to you as a bare necessity, and you are not comfortable swallowing it, or decide to starve yourself, or are not comfortable eating socially, all these symptoms are linked to Anorexia Nervosa.


With binge eating, consuming enormous amounts of food in a short period, which is related to both Bulimia and Binge-eating disorder, could be linked to social pressures, body shape, and weight issues.


The former is more common in people with anxiety issues, and the latter is common with people who are dying under social pressure of having a perfect body.


It could be cured by therapy, dietary counseling, maybe family could step in to help the sufferer. But, what is important is identifying the disorder, and acknowledging that you have one.


Eating disorder is not just a result of the societal pressure, it could also depend on the biological, genetic makeup, environmental factors. It could also depend on the kind of space a person occupies or the surroundings he is living in, and the people around, all of these are major contributing factors leading to eating disorders.


It could also present itself as an offshoot of the medication the patient is taking for some other condition, and may present itself as a side effect in the form of depression, and may lead to an eating disorder.


So, if you realize that you know someone who is suffering from an eating disorder, do not push them for their eating habit ,be considerate. Maybe you could be a part of their healing process.





Happy eating!







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