Of Poems

I can clearly see the traffic lights, the car lights, the crowd lights of the  street,

As I lay huddled inside my room.


I am thinking about the bus to Victoria that just went by

And I am thinking about poems and the poet


What is a good poem?


Is it a subjective domain? Or is it wrapped inside what you think the poet is, or who he represents, or what he does?


A poem about a political struggle may seem powerful but has its limits of making an impact

A poem about your lost land, romanticizing your character’s voice may seem appealing in the context of post -modern poetry. But, does not work anymore.

Or does it?

Last week I was moved to tears after I heard a poet. Heard words, but translated them into his native language.

So did words overtake me, or were the words reciprocating my social need of fulfilling my emotional ones.

In legal terms, when adjudicating a case, it is of prime importance, to list that case under the banner of, or categorizing it as a case where both the parties are aiming at the same goal, or are in a relationship which works on the principle of reciprocation (such as the institution of marriage).

And yes, the point is we link ourselves to a reciprocating relationship with the poems we come across. If it does fulfill what you are missing, you like the poem.

If not, you land in the world of contemporary poetry  which deals with social, economic meltdown ,hard times ,relationships, patriarchy ,love, system ,agency, sex, poverty ,the glaciers ,and the rules which you have binding towards, constitution you are legally entitled to and your emotional dispraises .


And I go back to watching the street lights .



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