Thank you!

I have a terrible headache .Nothing seems okay.

Oh by the way ! Remember my previous post,which also had a picture of a Maroon Lacy Bralette in it (which I am not telling you belongs to me). People kept messaging me,even stalked me on facebook,and tried calling me to ask me about the bra. Some abused me ,some were too embarrassed to share it with their friends;some even threatened me with some really dangerous *stuff*.

Wait ! Am I responsible that your kid subscribed to my blog and is getting to see stuff you are supposedly shielding him from ? No,I am not. Use parental controls sweetheart. Review and scan stuff your child has access to and then have the guts to call me.

Actually, you win !  Now that I know children are reading my blog,I do not know if I should feel happy or fear for my life.


To all those who appreciate what I write or stand for.Thank you !

Thank you ! for being there and helping me out.

To those who were sending me hate mails, well you just made me feel like a Victorian woman,who probably should write under a pseudonym. Thank you for suppressing me. You win!

Lord what is happening ! When my religion and my book are discussing woman’s needs,her obligations,sexual desires,menstruation .Then why are not children taught all that stuff instead of immersing them into a capitalist institution?

Ramadhan,the month when we Muslims fast has Alhamdulliah begun. Yesterday ,I could not fast ,courtesy my uterus . It decided to shed. Now ,some fourteen-year-old ,who probably should be aware of this and should know how to respect a woman,decides to call me “kafir”,a disbeliever,infidel.Becuase I told him I was not fasting for the obvious reasons. Becuase it was my time of the month. Then,it took me a while to realize,the little person who has access to  all the nonsense,all the websites,knows what porn is,knows what sex is ,and now probably knows how to demean women.

I was confused and shattered. I inadvertently searched for support.I still do not know what was I hoping for. If he were my brother or my son (which he thankfully is not) I would have given him “the talk ” ,which would have included how to respect your body and how to respect  a woman’s body . I am sure I know nothing about parenting,but I know what kids should know,I know feminism and I know how institutions are being created to kill it.

Well,go on tell me what you think. I still love the glorified souls as much as the ignorant ones.


Still love.





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