Steps to those moments

It is considered a good thing when the progression of the mind towards happy things is caused by really small things. It could be a butterfly ,a breeze,smell of cinnamon ,smell of daffodils,new nail enamel,a new hair cut ,a phone call from parents,from friends ,appreciation of work from someone you do not really know,a smile from anyone !

I just gave you my list .

The thing is that in this harsh depressing world,the mortal beings keep searching and waiting for “big” things. So,what are those big things; maybe a great job,getting accepted into a great college ,your dream car,the trip you have been waiting for ,the bag you have been eyeing ,the house. Yes, please add whatever you want ,all these things maybe the way to happiness,but they are not. They give you anxiety ,working hard for something is okay ,and when you get it ,even better. But,placing the key to your happiness in those accounts,it is the worst mistake we all tend to make. All of these are materialistic events,the idea of possession comes along with it which was fostered by capitalist economy . It used to be “work hard and fulfil your desire of getting better at it”. Now it has turned to “to attain what you desire you might want to get into the capitalist race and work hard for all you might,but heart desires what it does”.
Now that you are the part of sad Capitalist economy,so what are your options really ?
Maybe you can start by working on what gives you peace ,and again join the prisons of capitalism but on your own terms. Then maybe you can use your monetary funds to survive,but would still know what happiness is ;in small moments ,your family,nature. I am not romanticising the idea of happiness by including “rays of sun” and the “pretty sunsets”. But,whatever makes you happy ,your coffee,your girl’s smile ,kiss from your partner ,travelling ,learning stuff ,decorating and creating things . Something which for the time being ,for a fraction of your day is not related to your money,which does not give you a nervous breakdown . For we will all end up in the soil we came from,with no material possessions,but memories of our moments ,our loved ones ;some stranger’s blessings,that feeling of ecstasy when you did something great ,but for someone else ;the laugh you shared ,the cry you had ;the prayer ;love for your creator ;love for the life he gave you to be grateful and happy for .

love and happiness


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