Three Visions

She cried that night for she wanted to be a traveller.

To run away;

They snatched everything possible, from what you can snatch from a child; childhood, innocence

She only saw blood and fierce sounds and accepted it as a gift from her Creator.

But this night she wanted to be the traveller.

Which one,she had no idea.

She saw visions, the angel helped her to decide

She saw the daffodil fields, her escape route from the hell she was trapped in

Ah!About hell. They asked her: Hell, what hell. You live in what people call paradise of flowing rivers.

But her heart knew what fire,what sword hid behind her paradise. You would see her trapped in the voices, lost in the crowd of vultures

As you call her she would laugh and talk, of all the colours of the world, of poems,of happiness, all this hidden behind her misery,

No one knew, she closed every door which came near to her secret,

For she was warned,do not say a word, this stays here inside you; whether it eats you or kills you but you are not to say a word,

She moved on to the next vision of the world beyond seas, world of poets and domes, of arches

A dream come true to watch them ride under the dream arch, the bridge, the orange, the blue, the lights and colours of life

This is what she wanted

Until the third vision cleared out of the clouds,he was standing there smiling at her

He left her,for an everlasting world,to meet his Lord

He travelled the final,the wonderful journey of love

She decided ,yes that is what she wanted ,to take the final journey ,to be ready to taken it and meet the Creator,to see the honey rivers and flowers of paradise ,to travel into the clouds of everlasting love ,what some call death . And she called it freedom from her miseries, a move to the path of silence and love.

And she was taken.


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