Just Got Real

In response to a prompt at Campus Diaries

There are times when you realise ,this is the moment that defines me. This is what I have discovered and life will never be the same.

You remember the last time I wrote a sonnet for you,

It was all about my dwindling love and daffodils

Today I stand and brush across all the yellows and hatred

Of love and blood

And move on to tell you what changed me

You have to remember if something turns you ,burns you and kisses you

It stays with you

I do.

For when Mephistopheles visits me ,I wouldn’t need a knife and drops of white

I would need faith to prove him wrong

So what was my moment ,you might ask;

Maybe it was the first time I saw and touched him,

Well no , discover further

Maybe it was the first time you saw the violets hiding behind Lucy’s stone

Well no,

It was the first time I saw His place ,his existence,

It shook me ,poisoned me,I was delirious

God! It was powerful

I can’t take it out,do not want it to fade.

The best thing that happened to me

And then this happened;

I do not move in the world of unconscious realms

But it was December,I remember

Icicles were hard and pierced my heart

That night I saw His messenger

I can’t remember his face,but it was him

Took out the broken pieces out of me

Just to tell me ,he was there when Satan was there to kill my soul

For I have been to a city where you believe in Him and nobody can kill your faith or soul

Or remove the blush your butterfly has


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