A weird world it was.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From the Collection of the Artist.”

I am writing and telling you about a period around hundred years ago, I think 2015 it was. America was the super power, Britain confused, India ,its population growing. What you are reading is something all your history books will speak about . But, nobody will tell you how the people were. Half of them were starving,others hungry for power. If it was a period similar to that of Noah’s ,waiting for an ark to appear ;God would have  destroyed mankind by now.

People had their culture ,their ideas ,but were judged by others .There were several communities and religions which were targeted and people were accused. Hate was in the air. Countries which you do not see on the map today,were bombed and vanished .

Social life did and did not exist. It existed when you had weddings and you partied,but did not when you were alone . The family structure was non-existent .It was like people had turned into different colored immiscible liquids.

The cities were expanding,people were obsessed with technology and in a committed relationship to their phone. The existence of humanity no longer was based on some ideology,even Marx and Althusser would not be able to explain what was happening. The life people lived was toxic,people had secluded lives,ate anything “organic”(not),had meaning less relationships(read meaningless sex),had no purpose in life except to gain monetary benefits .

The idea of religion was slowly taking a backseat,as people felt empowered by NOT going to the Church,not wearing a hijab and treating people who do that as the “other”.

The worst part about them was they turned all the classics,the work of the Romantics to some television series.

So,people be happy that you do not belong to them,people of 2015 .

Study them,feel sorry for them and move on to a better museum.


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