What was I thinking!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “High Noon.”

As I was trapped in my pink fairy net I was thinking of my presentation for the next day. Here I was dealing with Post-feminism. It was confusing, the term was pointing at the world after feminism. So, are we at a stage where we do not need feminism anymore. Obviously no, I had to dig in and move inside the layers of post-feminism to comprehend that it came as a backlash to second wave feminism and actually was a good thing. We still are living and breathing in the  post-feminist world. Alright, it is hard to explain, but we are  crowded with banners saying we are done with feminism,we are done with getting her the”equality” status and just need to project her in a good way and empower her. And mind you, it’s not equality in the social way, but just the “sexual way”.

If you have seen Carrie or read about her in “Sex and the City”, she and her friends portray Manhattan as an island where women stand as equals to men and are empowered feminists, but just jog around with need for post-feminism pasted on their bodies. So what exactly is post-feminism?

Carrie Bradshaw,if you look at the series talks of her friends who make it to the New York City, are all famous, established, living their American Dream but just need good sex. The series is a perfect example to prove how post-feminism works, in media it works like talking about “accepting your body shape” by some soap which is sticky and has a bird !

Dear women of the world, you are told to be feminists and fight for your sexuality. Your right to wear what you want, have sex when you want. This is not feminism, these are all Satan’s friends from Moloch to Beelzebub. As if we have reached that stage when women are respected and not seen as the “other” sex, we are fighting for our sexuality.

Maybe I will write about this some other time when I am not stuck between Songs Of Innocence and Bradshaw!


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