“Count your blessings ” may not work.

As they say count your blessings . The Christmas is round the corner and Santa is around . Happiness and lights everywhere . We all have been there where we are in a state of denial and start counselling ourselves , to count our blessings . I think sadness has many key phases : You start with negligence , then you feel numb, then you ignore and think about yellow ducks , then you run into the phase of denial and do not acknowledge the fact that something bad can happen to you, finally you end up being depressed and dejected . There are many forms of depressions to deal with and they attack the person on the level of their sensitivity . Many people associate depression with selfishness as it involves “them” . But that’s not the truth at all! You can only help others only when you are in peace with yourself . I am not here to discuss how a person can combat this depression . How he can go on a spiritual path . Of course prayer helps and God helps . But, it is very important at the same time to deal with it and recognise your issues. Maybe you can choose to ignore it and it may take the shape of a sleeping volcano. Ready to burst whenever something from the past ignites it . It may help for a while when may be you need to concentrate on other important phases of your life , but make sure you deal with it . It may pounce back on you when you least expect it to. One of the severe forms of depression is when you are lost, you feel trapped and alone . Surrounded by restlessness and anxiety. Maybe these are the times you may or should consider professional help , a counselling psychologist. Someone who deals with patients suffering from depression, the root cause may differ from a bereavement , domestic violence , to abuse or relationship issues .
Patients may suffer from several eating disorders , anorexia or bulimia . Other issues may include sleeping disorders . Either the patient may sleep a lot , sleeping is another form of escapism or the patient may suffer from lack of sleep; where in the mental activity and the brain functions are highly active leading to lack of sleep. The patient may also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . But,counselling may help sort out things, talking helps especially when the psychologists are able to access out the patients neural disorders . Introverts may find it difficult to talk or share , but its better you talk to a psychologist than a friend or family. There are times when things may get serious and need to be tackled professionally before they deteriorate.
Other than that having wonderful friends and family around may help with addition to faith sparkles in your creator.
Have a wonderful holiday season ! Winters . Snow Angles.New Year.


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