Fall of Eve : Courtesy Adam

“The infernal Serpent; he it was whose guile. Stirred up with envy and revenge,deceived.”

This time it was not Milton’s “infernal” serpent , but Adam.

From what has happened in the past few days it is clear that women need to create their own planet. After witnessing the rape cases in Delhi , the buses the cabs nothing is safe. And they say Delhi is like that.
What about the recent acid attack on a girl in the Valley?
Does anyone have answers to that. Of course people here can come up with theories of their own. Some will blame the social media, others the Internet in general and some will even blame the attire of the girl. Nobody will think what actually went wrong, nobody will think that the society needs to be changed . You need to be changed. People who judge will cry “Who moved my cheese!” But people of Paradise you need to realise that you have fallen . You fell the day your daughter was attacked, you fell the day your son was responsible for a heinous crime . I know its difficult to realise for we live in a patriarchal sexist society. A society where girls will be judged by the length of her “kameez” ( not skirt) , do not get me wrong. I am not mixing the idea of a modest attire with something which is not right. My point is marginalisation of women in this society , where a man desires a pious wife with “kameez” touching her ankles , a dumb creature who is not even allowed to choose her husband but a man can do anything , can pray and appear as a “religious” person and at the same time is allowed to have fifty relationships before he marries “the pious-kameez-woman”. Women do not want that , neither am I talking about the wrongs that are allowed for the”superior” race to be legalised to us “inferiors”. I am clearly talking about the right of a woman to live . To live with dignity and respect . Which I know is difficult in this country where marital rapes are not considered rapes, where domestic violence is not taken seriously . That is a larger issue .
Moving closer to our Valley where men are doing unacceptable things , we being a majority Muslim state ideally should have been resistant to such disgusting practices.
We see muslims being attacked all round the world , stereotypes being attached , muslims being tagged as terrorists,head gear being called a “table-cloth”, even accused for what they have never done. The terrorist organisations are doing enough to promote the “perfect muslim” image . Yes, I am ironical ,because the irony is our religion of peace is projected by some stupid imbeciles in a bad way. From Australia to Pakistan to Kashmir ,misguided muslims are waging a war against humanity. We are no longer acquainted with tolerance and respect.
Maybe the world labels and associates Islam with terror, and we as muslims are contributing to that. We are not helping , are we?
A world where we can not respect women, do we deserve to live in it. Its easy for ignorant people to blame women for everything that happens to her . Well yes, I think blame a woman for being a woman. From rape incidents to acid attacks , there are still some “god-help-them-sections” who will give you reasons and illustrations as to why the girl was responsible for her misery.
They will blame her short dress, her relations and her family and everything. Hello people! whatever the reason “she” is a human being . No body deserves that. And we of course do not need to moral police her but if you guys insist let us question the guy, his family, his relation, his everything . Maybe let us shoot him!

On a serious note we really need to think about why are we so uncivilised . Kashmiris have loads to eat, a palace to live in , a hot bed . So, where do we take this back to, our behaviour. That is one reason why this world needs to abide with feminism . Women in the west have different issues to face , about their rights. They are fighting post-feminist trends.
Feminism has a history of its own which now is replaced by post-feminism. Its about women being treated not only as normal human beings in the society, but beings who are sufferers , under the hegemonic masculine rule and portray them now as free birds who can crush the other gender. Portraying women as beings whose all issues are solved and what remains is to discuss how “she” wants to look good for “herself’. It is difficult accepting the truth . The truth about the society we live in, is the society we have constructed. But, we here are still fighting for the basic right of a woman to educate herself, to work ,and live with dignity . One can link this very well to Eva Lennox Birchs’ book “Black woman’s writing: A quilt of many colours”. Birch is quick to point out that black women face double marginalisation , on from men and from white women. She refers to Charlotte Bronte’s books , mostly dealing with the right of a woman to be independent and contrasts it to right of a black woman just “to live”. Whatever maybe the reason , be it unemployment , sexual frustration , or loss of neurons, we can not tolerate the inhumane “animal -like” (animals are more civilised though) behaviour of these low- lives. This is time to do something not just hold candles.

So, what are we taking back from this year. A Uber-Rape case, an Acid Attack here in Valley, activities of ISIS, children slaughtered in Peshawar, an attack in Australia . Oh yes I forgot a peace prize for Malala.
There has to be room for optimism .


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