The idea of living your life in a certain way, to have a subtle approach towards things and still get what you want.

The art of patience is the golden way to tread on . Maybe my mind is too occupied with Locke’s An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Thought to influence great minds in a philosophical way and make understanding the human mind and nature an easier study; dealing with an individual’s understanding of different concepts of life . I take the concept my way,its like everyone has a different way to react towards tragedies that hit them like a truck . Some know how to conceal it , even if it is killing them. Here, is the point where Freud helps us with understanding how people react to tragedies with defining and categorising it into section of mourning and melancholy. Mourning from my understanding is way better. Melancholy feeds on your soul, destroying it, making the hollow vessels inside ,where you no longer understand yourself.

Another understanding is the idea of limitation of human understanding . Turns out we “superior beings” can not really understand ,maybe we were capable of “understanding” until this capability was snatched from us when the world was immersed in materialism . People link this to the idea that animals are better and faithful than us humans . Jonathan Swift takes it to a new level ,comparing humans to Yahoos in his book Gulliver’s Travels ;where in Book IV he talks about Land of Houyhnhnms (Houyhnhnms are horses here) , where theseYahoos are ferocious creatures, lazy with no idea of being civil or what we call “the understanding”. They are creatures with excessive and “animal like” sexual appetite. Here Gulliver considers Houyhnhnms as beings of higher understanding and civility.

So, what are humans — white cracked  coloured faces ?

Or are we still capable to go back to the Sane Era. Maybe after all we can all be like our parents Adam and Eve , following the serpent and finding we are deceived and repent and believe in the supreme creation . Paradise Lost can follow Paradise Gained .

Dying another fragment of human understanding can not really be linked to any culture or religion;to purgatory or after life ;to hell or heaven . We do not need any sheet of revelation to explain us the “temporariness of this world”. Of the fact that nothing lasts . Everything will eventually end , that our materialistic gains  do not really count and will nowhere help us when our graves are found, neither did it help Tutankhamen neither  will us. But what will remain and is eternal is the feeling of happiness, being compassionate, that one smile your contribution to your fellow humans’ life , your deeds, maybe that is when you can still be immortal.

It is not about whether you were great enough or different for someone to write elegies for you. It’s about what you did , a small gesture for someone to love you, pray for you and remember you till their world ends. At least that is what I consider important.

Maybe you can make your own “happiness diary” instead of mourning the unending sad moments which you eventually end up carrying to your grave.

I can share this “my idea of happiness”:

“To be elegant and glamorous without being ostentatious”

Faith and Hope .



6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Very well written. I just wantes to ask the way you put melancholy as a scavenger on human soul and that a person becomes hollow vessel and cannot relate anymore even to himself, how does a person then walk back from this depression? Or there is no going back?

    • Dear Madam/Sir thank you.
      If we take a look from Freud’s angle on Melancholy, then certainly there are possibilities that the person who is affected my remain in the same state;depending on the severity of the situation. Take for instance death of a dear one may lead the person to severe depression or even suicide. Answering your question, walking back is indeed a difficult task, for the person has lost hope. Now my personal opinion is that , if he/she is a believer there are chances he may not even end up in that state or even if he does ,with love and care (from fellow beings) is able to jump back. 🙂

  2. Honey..thanku for unlocking the mind which is
    capable of understanding and assimilating the
    wagaries of life.Once again my heart fills with
    pride with such understanding of life..Buck up
    my darling.

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