What happens when


What happens when
When you know someone who is in pain


When you do not know that person , just another bed here .

Preparing to leave.

What happens when the another bed here has a small girl crying.


Holding her dying mom.


What happens when you are too selfish to be grateful for the life you have.




What happens when you try to imagine yourself in the other bed.


Maybe a moment of realisation .


All our lives we have been afraid and then come up with “this can’t happen to me”.

What happens when your heart skips that beat, when you know its the end


You are losing them


What happens when you can not get over about what lives there under the rose bush .

Your love.

What happens when people leave .
What happens when you take a step , not knowing when you are going to see them next?
Maybe realisation, hope and being grateful are the keys to :
What happens when ?



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