Before I am there

Imagine yourself on the bed , drips attached, people trying to shove food down your oesophagus .

Everyone knows you will eventually die . You know , you will . Come on everyone dies.

No not everyone.

So if you are maybe , ninety plus . Hard to say “ninety,” I personally do not agree that “ninety” is old .

Your neurons are old , you are not. I am sorry back to you being ninety plus. You are either going on your morning walks or are in the bed suffering from Alzheimer’s. If you on your morning walks , then must be difficult to stand under that tree thinking ,” So what exactly , have I done with my life. Ten more years then what ? I will be under that brown soil”. A foot note here , this “what have I done with my life ” comes easier later in life because we are all well versed with human life expectancy . So, when this realisation drips in you ninety-year old under the tree. Its probably late to face these questions:

What was my purpose in life ?
And by the way answer is not — “Hey I had a beautiful wife , a large house and lots of money”

What exactly can I reflect on?
Am I proud of myself?

Can I look in the mirror and smile because I cannot forget something good or for that matter can I smile without a cause? Even if it is my face?
We all at some point sign an agreement with Mephistopheles. Be it the time you decided to be corrupt or maybe when you cheated or maybe when you left your parents to die or your wife for nothing . Maybe the time when being a responsible father or a husband was nothing as compared to defeating the Trojans . Yes, I see it can be difficult for you , but you can be happy reminiscing about the last person you smiled at . Brownie points for you !
If you are in the category of just crossed fifty. Yes, people you are old . Still time to construct ,things to reflect on .

Here comes -The brilliant category . “The Architect”:

This is the category that belongs to “I am twenty” or “I am not fifty”.

This category is the most constructive yet hard to imagine yourself dead in the “bed”. If you belong to this one , you are lucky because you can still construct the Eiffel Tower and still be curious of what lies beneath The Louvre and dream about sailing your ship through the Bermuda triangle (personally I want to do that). For you , its important to be proud of your achievements (if there are any)! Or if you are like me , able to say ( I want to be like my father , even if you not eleven ) . Yes, I am talking about having a role model . “Role model ,” avoid using that term . Its like, because I like tennis racquets, I like tennis and Roger Federer is my “role model”. So, let me replace that one with :

INSPIRATION to move mountains

Its important to have answers to the “purpose in life questions” before you end up standing under that tree.

For this category inspiration and love , both work . Love not for your “glitter card — valentine,” but for your life . It is easier to love people , your parents , your guy or partner when you know the path you are treading on . It is easier to smile when you are sure , you will have no regrets and have all answers and can write a junior school essay or even an academic paper on “My Purpose in Life”.

Then you have made it !

Choose to celebrate:

Your life , gifts for people you care , your anniversary , your birthday in a “I can reflect on this,” way . A different way.


#Ramadan refections




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