Confusing Happiness with Excitement .

Moving away from those black hard days . Days which according to you are black , but you end up attaching that nostalgic thread to them . We all end up making “what is not right list” . At least I do . But, now the spotlight is on  “I should be grateful for list”.

This by the way was for my personal blog , but ended up here. Wanted to help people who read this one. 

Most of us have boring :

Family issues, relationship issues , what-should-I-do-with-my life-issues.

Now, at this point in my life I think the above listed issues do not really matter .I can not include them in my “black” days. I just am grateful that I do not have “black” days. I can still see, write, pray and paint . Yes, this came after the rains. When I stopped , paused the  life ,the forever busy life .


There under the  Mirandian foundation stone stood this girl , smiling and enjoying the moving leaves , the rain , flowers . And she was smiling . That is what was missing and the missing block of my blocks building, of my Mickey Mouse puzzle. So, people smile ,smile even when they are alone, not just for the pictures, but for the rain. Am I allowed to smile ?

Or maybe I should draw a list of “Reasons to smile” . This is what the world ,at least mine has come to. 

“To top it up, I realized she was blind , blind and still smiling for the sunshine, for flowers and rain. Yes, that is what I thought”.


Then I realized this girl was just the opposite of the smiling plan.Did she plan when or why she should smile or come to think of it she did not even have reason to smile. After all she was blind, who smiles when they are blind or do they ? maybe in some parallel  universe they do. Now, that is what I was thinking not realizing I was smiling because she was , smiling and not planning or stressing about how busy I was, or planning out  my breathing ritual. 

That day the idea of beauty changed forever, the idea of happiness and love changed and adopted the new ,never taken path. Path of being grateful and standing by people you love .

We do tend to attach happiness with certain things, people, events ,our future , person we love . 

But it is just attached to “our’ smile not theirs .

*rest of it goes to my personal blog*





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