The way we Shop


It’s so easy stereotyping girls with shopping and makeup.
Right you can do that , no issues. So, this is how the world looks from our view.
While discussing it with my friend while shopping one day ,about why it matters to wear the right things and do what-matches-with what. I recently discovered that it’s not a part of some syndrome ,its just being hygienic and good. It’s not so difficult to be presentable after all.
We go with the notion of “the way you walk and the way you talk is a part of your personality”. Include the way you dress.
Its kind of evident that if you are meticulous about the way you dress and present your self , there are more chances of you being someone who wants things to be well arranged and perfect. People who fall under this category also want their relations to go neat and properly without hassles and are more likely to stick around to avoid complications and trouble.
As much as it bothers us why people don’t walk properly or are unhygienic or are least bothered about taking a shower. Add to that , me and my friend saw some local shop selling phone covers and that too a fake Louis Vuitton .My friend almost died and me ,I am still in coma.
And this is India, my friend still in shock tells that guy, “What is this?” , “How much are you selling this for?” . That guy with confidence of I-am the owner-of Louis Vuitton “ Madam this is LV , you have no idea how costly their bags are”.
Yes, we wanted him dead . Giving us a lecture of what it means, us!
Who dream everyday of buying the whole collection of their bags!
Never mind , thats how things work here.

Discussing this and the aftermath of the situation, we decided to come up with a list of do’s for every person. The list included :
A dear request to every girl , darling you do not have to wear red lipstick always. Everyone does that no matter what their skin colour is. We are still figuring out why!

To everyone who does not believe in being presentable and goes with the attitude of I-do-not-care-how I look. People please our eyes hurt. How can you possibly wear a pink with orange!

To people who believe in saving water and taking a shower once a week and are happy believing that using a deodorant may cause holes in our ozone layer leading to skin diseases.
Please ! Not using one may lead to one and instantaneous death of person sitting next to you . So save life , save your skin.

The last one, look good for yourself. For people who have last minute rushes to parlours because of some party or a date are more likely to be included in the category of “we are people who live for others and are very unhygienic.”

If you think you do not have a fashion sense, you do not need one!
Simple is the best, you just have to look neat and confident in whichever way you carry yourself .
But, it needs to be taken care that if you are someone who thinks flip flops can be worn everywhere or you arrive in jumper to a formal event then you are “NOT simple,” you need to be re-educated.

No matter what your style is or what you are comfortable wearing. Just follow the basic rules of smelling good and taking care of yourself .

In the end everything looks good and classy as long as you know how to carry yourself and are confident about it.

Feel good about yourself and know that you can move mountains.
Way of installing that confidence software in you.




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