6 Features E-Readers Need Before I’ll Use One

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I don’t mean to be that guy. But I just can’t help it—I’m that guy.

I’m the guy who doesn’t use e-readers. I know that makes me a literary old fogie—part of a dying breed that includes snobby lit professors and hipster independent bookstore owners.

But it’s true.

Now, before you berate me for being elitist and antiquated and the most horrible human on earth, let me say this:

If you like e-readers, I won’t judge you. I really won’t. It’s your literary life, my friend. You live it like you need to live it. I understand why you like them, so more power to you.

But me? I’m not an e-reader guy.

That is, I’m not an e-reader guy until the following things happen.

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