Deleting memories

I am charged and accused. I stand guilty. I accept the crime of deleting memories.
But I have nothing to say…believe me it was not me who did it…
Every time I try to recall, to remember everything turns into a blank canvas. I give up ….maybe I am not trying enough…but to think of it…I am.
Actually come to think of it…this is what I wanted…to free myself…to move the soul far from fear and dark nights…of not crying…of solitude…So why am I guilty….things are getting easier, so why am I missing those tough times. Maybe memories of love ,of being together , of fighting and standing by each other is all I miss…But my memories have taken it all..I don’t remember a single thing…maybe at times Time is NOT a great healer after all.



2 thoughts on “Deleting memories

  1. Memories dont die.
    If pleasent,they bring a smile on ur face and lit ur heart.
    If bad, they haunt u and may even bring out a tear.
    Take care of today, it for sure effects ur tomorrow.

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