Fulfilling desires to be the one



All my life I have been fighting myself, running and striving hard against the tides. For I believe everyone has the desire to achieve something in life. When  failing to achieve his goals and moving to the next stage that is blaming others, a person gives up or starts identifying his problems. Things, which are keeping him away from his desire, his goal. I decided to be  someone who wanted to realize my difficulties, the obstacles coming in my way, things that were and are keeping me away from achieving my goal. I have come a long way and without an answer!

Helpless me! We are all helpless. I was not until I realized there was that something, which was going wrong. Moreover, today when I cannot identify that something, I ignore the fact that things are not the way they should be. I do not have an answer. Until the day I do not find the answer satisfying my neurons will be difficult. We will never be successful, unless we do not admit our mistakes, success is on the next planet.

Therefore, I started the process of Satisfying My Neurons Campaign:

  • Under this campaign, I first identified my problems. Which by the way I was not sure if they were problems! But, believe me they are!
  • Moving on I identified my desires, my goals, and my dreams.
  • Then the third step was to recollect, recollect your past, and understand why were you not able to achieve that something, if at all it has something to do with your present problem you are heading somewhere. This is a good sign. Congratulate yourself! Having this done, I must tell you I had the chance to congratulate myself. At least I was getting somewhere.
  • Then the most horrifying process, “start thinking”.

The above technique can be used in any sphere of life, be it – taking up career options, major life decisions, about changing your behavior, relationships, love, and work. Almost anything!

By the way, if you are curious I used it on all of the above! So that left me more confused than ever, because they intermingled! So take one at a time.

After months of thinking that is struck at the fourth step. I decided to give up! I did not say that aloud. I just started debating with myself, starting in the shower; I wanted to explain my neurons that it was futile doing this…the thinking process. I gave many explanations:

  • Life is like that!
  • I am like that
  • I do not deserve it!
  • Life has better things stored in for me
  • Move on theory
  • I am good the way I am, no behavior changes needed
  • I will change when life wants me to
  • I deserve the best….. I am the royalty
  • He is blind. She is blind. Others are blind theory. They cannot see what they are missing theory!
  • I am the best


Therefore, writing and feeding this stuff to my neurons helped me for a week, a crash diet. However, I ended up being fat, lying to myself all along.

That is our major problem, we lie to ourselves. We think that is how life is supposed to be. Our path was designed that way. However, all the people out there you are wrong!


I was all the way deceiving myself! My childhood dream was something. It had to do something with what and how I think today.  I perceived all those explanations for my neurons. The best one was – “ To stay away from forbidden fruit, stay away from the tree, stay away from the garden, stay away from  everything and if that is not an option. Go blind!”

That was my stupid explanation of staying away from desires. However, I was wrong. I was!

Then comes another saintly explanation, obviously not mine! Be there but stay in control, control your desires! Then that is not how human nature was framed in. Staying in control is wonderful choice of words, but it has a word to destroy it and that is “Temptation”, “Curiosity”! The list can go on further! So do not ever deceive yourself.

To give a bit of insight on how I used my own technique, I will choose the career path one. That is safest to open about! I have a creative mind, I imagine things, I know how to color things, to laugh at myself and others, to give an explanation to anything and everything. Therefore, after completing my high school I wanted to take up a creative subject, but it was difficult, it was even more difficult when I scored well in my +2. However, I made my decision, I wanted to study literature, to explore, travel and write. I had my fears; others induced it in me about financially being secure, on –your-own-feet-theory. However, I believe people in creative field are like ballet dancers or like funambulists. You have to balance yourself to reach to your desired place.

So, back to the problem areas, desires. I reckon go in grab what you want. Have no regrets in life. Enjoy you failure. Because if you are not successful you are not failing enough because you are not trying enough…

By the way, when deciding on the title, initially I had written –Fighting desires to be the one!

After I had finished writing, it changed into- Fulfilling desires to be the one! Now that is called transformation!


“Desires are there for you to keep

I just want to fulfill my childhood dreams!”






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