Jane Eyre




Though, I am in pain
I may not cease to be,
For a light holds me,
And I leave everything of my misery and blood in His Rivers.
For he will lead my way and away from what strikes my heart hard…(honeybrose)

Few days back I was feeling a bit down, depressed, empty. Life was not all it should have been. My imagination lacked those original colors of daffodils and blues. Maybe because I was really stressed out. Those exams and hard ways of life, when you stare into the wall and maybe that wall is not either interested in you. The time when even the rains striking hard at your window cannot even cure you until you embrace it. I realized I needed fodder. For I am the brain and rest of me is just the appendix.
My brain needed to think and workout on something… So what was that something?
My memories rekindled those leaves when my brain was at its best, my neurons happy with what they were being fed. I remembered those times when I judiciously used to highlight important thoughts and ideas from Sherlock Holmes. My teachers would have found my textbooks not read, or not highlighted but my novels colored and made notes of. For after reading every literature rich book, from which I got inspired I made a brief summary of it, even went on to write the character sketch.
But that was four years back. I thought. Presently my neurons were rust lovers.
Neurons being replaced by nephrons. Maybe at some point of life this happens to all. However, I am still in dilemma about it. Back then, I used to consider it a sin for not writing for sometime. I used to make a mental note of going home, into my room and getting my writing done.
However, seasons change as they say and even every year even spring does not resemble its elder sisters.
When on being asked what happens to a cloth when it gets in contact with the ceiling fan?
Today my answer would be –of course, it gets along with the direction of the moving fan.
Back then, I would have answered- it would enjoy Merry-go-round on the fan!
A review:
So going through all this, I decided to get hold of a book I had read in my class eight and that was Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte.
The book had interested my back then, but when I read it this time, my understanding of the book had really crossed mountains. For now, the use of words, strong emotions coming to surface, words and the scenes creating a different impact in my mind made me wonder! This book definitely had something that laid an impact on a person, though a different impact whenever read.
My neurons were never satisfied on reading mushy, lovey-dovey love –stories. Of betrayal and losing. Of stories from modern day authors, who forget induce into the reader how the rose smelt but definitely try to explain how the kiss was.
“My feet they are sore, and my limbs they are weary;
Long is the way, and the mountains are wild;
Soon will the twilight close moonless and dreary
Over the patch of the poor orphan child”. (Jane Eyre)
Jane Eyre consists of hardships; change of mind and of love. It turns out to sketch the story of a young orphan, Jane Eyre. It lays down the story of hardships of a girl who faces nothing in life but misery .Charlotte Bronte has very well dripped it into her readers mind what actually does Jane Eyre think, her feelings, her strong feminine character. During her childhood young Jane is all the way abused, insulted, and traumatized. In the middle section of the novel when Jane is obliged to leave from Gateshead, house of her aunt Reed, she is being admitted to Lowood, a charitable institution of girls who have lost their parents. There even Jane is branded a liar, a person not grateful for what he has.
But, during all these happenings, Jane has a friend – Helen Burns and first time in life, she has a person who treats her with love, compassion. Charlotte Bronte has very well painted the importance of Helen in Jane’s life, as Jane learns to love and know a fellow human being. Of all the rude and horrible people she has had, an encounter with Helen may have seemed out of the world to her.
Then to another part of the novel, an adult and much experienced Jane finds herself a position at Thornfield Hall as a governess. There she meets her master Mr. Edward Rochester.
During her stay in Thornfield, she learns her aunt Mrs. Reed of gatestead is ill and wishes to meet her.
Jane decides to go, even though all the wrong that was done to her by Mrs.Reed, there she cares for her aunt her illness. This is the point where Jane’s true human character is revealed. Back to Thornfield, she is to be married to Mr. Rochester and first time in life Jane falls in love, she feels loved and cared for and finds her life all calm and settled. However, the marriage does not take place as Mr. Rochester has a living lunatic wife in Thornfield hall. At this point Jane is shattered, she feels deceived first by her Aunt, then Mr. Rochester, and eventually by her life. Abiding by her self-respect and principles, she leaves Edward whom she loves so much.
“Jane Eyre who had been ardent, expectant woman-almost a bride-was cold, solitary girl again: her life was pale, her prospects desolate. A Christmas frost had come over midsummer, a white December storm had whirled over June; ice glazed the ripe apples, drifts crushed the blowing roses”. (Jane Eyre- chapter 26).
Coming to the last part of the novel, Charlotte Bronte very well sketches helpless situation of Jane Eyre. Left without a friend in the world she goes to a distant place and finally she lives at St. John’s place. He finds her a situation as a teacher for village children. St. John implores Jane to marry him and leave with him for India. This is the point when Jane finds herself rich and divides her fortune with St. John and his sisters. After sometime, she resolves to go back to Thornfield. There she finds the house burnt to ashes and devastated and Edward blind and crippled. Nevertheless, she goes to him and they marry. Once again, the selfless nature of Jane is highlighted. For all the miseries in life, she receives what she desired for.
Jane Eyre set up in England in the cloudy and cold Victorian era reveals the self-making of the girls Jane Eyre. The novel all along bears he forgiving nature of the girl, and duties toward her religion, her selfless soul, her up right character and her self- respect. Jane defines herself, her identity in the male dominated society. The beautiful concept laid by Charlotte Bronte in her book, Jane Eyre also defines her thoughts that women should not be only restricted to making puddings and knitting stockings. They have a wider field before them, a completely new world to exercise their faculties upon.
On whole, Jane Eyre is a book, which touches all aspects of life. Many movies and tele- series were made. However, usually I am not satisfied with them for every person has its own landscapes painted, his own Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester.
This book is highly recommended for those who are starving to read a real literary masterpiece.
“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me;
I am a free human being with an independent will”. (Jane Eyre).

Hanan Fatima







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